About me

My name is Sofia, also know as Konjou on the internet in most places. The nickname is a japanese word and means will power. I took the name during a period of my life where I needed it more than ever.

I first started training Wado Ryu Karate in my home town Stockholm when I was about 14 years old, and got to 8th kyu. I then quit but came back spring 2008 more mature and ready to learn. I then got to 7th kyu.

When moving to Grimstad, Norway, in the autumn of 2008, I decided to continue training karate and found the local club Grimstad Karate Klubb that trains Shorin Ryu Shobayashi Karate.

I have since then trained regularly, and achieved 1st kyu Christmas 2011. Right now I'm aiming for shodan spring 2013, and have started my strength and endurance training together with technique and precision to achieve this goal.

Sofia Danielsson

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