torsdag 22 november 2012

Regional Championship, South

Last weekend our club arranged a regional competition with over 50 starters. Many of the close by clubs participated, but we also had a club from Oslo shine with its presence.

Our club contributed with four judges, three karatekas and our sensei as coach. Our karatekas started in four classes, three kumite and one kata, and got medals in every class!

The day started early for us, laying out the mats, fixing spots for the secretaries to sit, rigging up the sound etcetera. But we managed to have it up and going a little after 10 am. Me and sempai sat in the registration to check all participants off the list and check their weight. It was not an easy job as our lists were not in a particularly good order. But we made it work.

Not only did we get karatekas from Oslo, we also had two referees join our ranks. It was really great to have so many experienced referees help out, and us new got some more tips to further improve our judge-skills.

The competition started off with kata on both mats. Most of the times there was a clear winner, but we had one bout that was really close. It ended 3-2 in favour of Aka. Even the experienced referees/judges said it was a close call.

After lunch we continued with the kumite. We had some exciting bouts here as well, not least the ones with our own clubs participants! They all did great, and deserved their shiny medals!

The atmosphere in the hall was really great, and you could feel the positivity everywhere. It seems like everyone had a great day, and our club is really proud with all the effort everyone had put in. I hope to see many more participants next time we arrange a competition, not least from Oslo and Stavanger!

Picture by: Maren H. Øvsthus and Sofia Danielsson

söndag 18 november 2012

My strength program!

For once I'm remembering to post my new exercise routine. As I said in the "Chiropractor visit" post, I need to focus more on training my hamstrings and glutes. So I've found two exercises that seems ideal for this, the Goblet Chair Squat and the Bridge exercise. Down below you can see my new routine and also a small description explaining each exercise or linking to a video that describes the exercise.

Exercise Reps x Set Explanation
Goblet Chair Squat 10x4 See video.
Bridge exercise 10x4 I do this with my feet up on a chair. See video.
Foot lift 10x3 Stand on one foot, and lift yourself up on the ball of the foot slowly.
Triceps dip 10x4 There's a quick clip showing the triceps dip done with a chair in this video.
Corkscrew 8x3 I'm doing this exercise with a 2kg dumbbell. See video.
Seated row 12x4 Using an Exertube around my feet, pulling my arms in with elbows close to the body.
Back lifts series 12/erxercise Lifting upper body, lifting legs, lifting both upper body and legs, and last lifting opposite arm and leg. See video.
Oblique exercises 20/exercise
I switch these up depending what I feel like doing that day. Taking my inspiration from these videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Lower abs exercise 20 Lying on my back with feet up towards the ceiling, kicking my feet up. See video.

I will do the full program every Sunday, and then some chosen exercises between karate training days depending what muscles are sore that day.

During the summer I took pictures to follow my progress, but have during the autumn forgotten to do this. I took pictures today and will try to do it every other week. Time to start getting serious about progress again!

torsdag 15 november 2012

SKAN training session, and bunkai seminar

Sunday 11/11 all of the Shorin Ryu clubs around the area met up in Søgne for some kata and competition training

We started off with a warm up, and then divided us up in different kata groups. One for the Pinan katas, one for Bassai Dai and Sho, one for the Naihanchin katas, and the last for the higher up katas. As I'm going for black belt next summer I focused on Bassai and Naihanchin katas. I'm starting to get hang of Bassai Sho, but still hesitate on some turnings and techniques. I just have to practice it more often!

After lunch we put down some mats and us judges changed to our judge/referee clothes. As our club is arranging a regional competition now on Saturday I think the practice was much appreciated.

We started off with kata, followed by kumite. All the participants got some helpful tips after each round. Since this was really casual, we also gave some tips in the middle of the bouts, telling the karateka why we gave points or penalties etc.

Afterwards I got to talking with Andre Petersen who is planning to start up a training seminar for instructors that will focus on bunkai ala Iain Abernethy. If you don't know who Iain is, look him up on youtube or his webpage.

The whole thing is just on a planning stage, but will be very good and interesting when it gets up in full swing!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

söndag 11 november 2012

Chiropractor visit

Since the end of last year the club has been in contact with the local chiropractor I've been going to for fixing my hips. She's been visiting our dojo a couple of times and giving us pointers on what we can improve on in terms of posture, strength and balance training. Last week she came for a revisit to see our progress and give us another nudge in the right direction.

She was pleased to see that we had improved since last visit, but emphasised the use of the short foot technique and making use of the core muscles for stability. I think it's something everyone in the club can improve on.

When visiting she took the time to give some improvement pointers individually to our karatekas, and it seems to have been very much appreciated!

From not having any sway in my lower back a year ago, I now have too much (as you can see in the picture). I've been working so hard on my posture it has now gone the other way! To improve this I have to engage my core more than I do. Also still training my abs and back is essential for this improvement.

She also noticed that my hamstrings aren't as strong as they should be. So I'm switching up my strength exercises and focusing on hamstrings and glutes for my legs for a bit.

And on that note, I know I've been slacking off on my strength training the past month. It's mostly due to being sick/recovering almost whole September, starting a new more physically demanding job, and being generally busy during the weekends. I just have to get started again and do some exercises in between karate training days.

I don't think I've become weaker since summer ended, but I also haven't become stronger.

It's always interesting to have such knowledgeable people visit. I have learned a lot from both my chiropractor, other visiting trainers, and courses I have taken the past year. And it has given me an insight on why we actually do the techniques in the way that we do them, and how we all can improve them my knowing a little about the body's anatomy!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

lördag 3 november 2012

Trainer 1 part 2 course

Last weekend me and some of my fellow trainers in the club participated in a course arranged by the Norwegian Martial Arts Association. It started Friday evening and ended Sunday afternoon, and consisted in both theory and practical applications of different training methods.

I had already encountered many of the warm up techniques during Raiks' visit to our club, as the course was mostly about basic training for martial arts. But it was a good way to freshen up the memory of the different techniques.

During the theoretical part we learned more about how the muscles work, how they react when we do techniques, and what muscle groups are working together. We also learned when its appropriate to do dynamic and static stretching, and after what type of training the different types of stretching is best to use.

On the Saturday we were divided into four groups, and all groups got a theme for a 20 minute training session to present on the Sunday. Our groups theme was legs and speed. We started off with a game using dumbbells. Each team had to stand in line and pass the dumbbells back and forth. It looked that they had fun doing it. Our main part consisted of circle training where we had three stations. This part we could have planned a little better as all three stations consisted of front leg exercises.

All in all it was a very educational course with a lot of interesting theory and fun practice. I have now taken part 2 and 3. Part 1 will be held sometime in January next year. After that I'm done with the Trainer 1 course.

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Picture by: Sofia Danielsson