tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Stress vs Effectiveness

Since spring this year I have started exchanging the word stress for effectiveness.

For me the word stress is something negative, and I'm guessing it is for most people. But when I was younger I always heard the expression "positive stress". For me that doesn't go hand in hand. That is like 1-1 = 0, something neutral, and doesn't really explain how stress possibly could be positive!

Stress is when everything is happening at once and you are trying to do everything but fail. Effectiveness is when everything is happening at once but you can structure it up and prioritise what needs to be done first and what can wait, or what things can be squeezed in where.

This spring I experienced stress during the Shorin Ryu chamionship in Arendal. Many things happened at once, we had a lot of kids participating that I was responsible for getting the right coloured belts and paddings on. Also keeping track of the lists, coaching, warming up everyone, warming up myself for kata etcetera. But luckily I had friends and family members of the participants to help out, so it all worked out in the end.

For me that was a stressful day, and I was exhausted afterwards!

I practice effectiveness every morning when I'm headed for work. I know exactly how long it takes to heat up the frying pan, how long it takes to fry egg and bacon and make my crisp bread snack, what I can do in between tasks to be able to be at the bus stop!

Personally I see myself as a non stressful person and try to deal with things as they come along. It's just recently that I have noticed that for me it's wrong to call it stress, because its not! I always try to be as effective as possible when it counts.

söndag 14 oktober 2012

Southern Championship 2012

Yesterday our club participated in the Southern Championship in Mandal, Norway. I represented the club as a judge together with my sensei and sempai. This was my second time as a judge, and I think it went pretty well.

We also participated with seven karatekas, and brought back a silver medal in kumite. Everyone did very well in the competition and I can see that all has improved since last time, which is really great!

The day went really fast, and we were done with everything at 2 o'clock which must be a record! Most of us are used to competitions ending around 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. But there was very few participants this year, due to some registration complications.

The next competition will be organised by our club in Grimstad on November 17th, and I'm hoping more from the club will shine with their presence. I think I will participate as a judge again, just to get some more practice. It takes time to develop a good eye so that the right karateka wins.

I still feel it hard to judge in kata if both competitors are equal, and also in kumite when there are lots of action and many things happening at once to see a scoring technique. I feel I did a better job at the Norwegian Championship than yesterday. But I just have to see this as a good experience.

After the competition the whole club met up down town for some pizza and chatting, which was a really nice ending to a good day :)

Pictures by: Maren Hardeland Øvsthus

lördag 6 oktober 2012

Gym visits

During my trip home to Sweden this week I had the opportunity to use the gym in my parents building. To switch up my routines a bit I went down three times to work out.

On Tuesday I did squats with 5 kilo weights on either side of the bar. This seems to have been a tad too much for my front thighs, as my right front thigh has been really stale the following three days. Today, four days after, it has felt better and I was able to do squats but only 5x3, as I didn't want to overload the muscle again.

The gym itself was really basic with some cardio machines, some free weights, a bench press and a yoga matt, but it was sufficient to do some basic training. As I couldn't train my legs that much I focused mostly on core and upper body.

It would be really great if I had the opportunity to go to a gym and do some extra training so that I can more easily switch my routines up. But unfortunately I neither have the time nor the money to pay for a gym membership at the moment.

Since I'm not that disciplined to go out running, a gym membership would give me an opportunity to go to spinning classes which I enjoy very much. But no classes at either of the gyms close to me fit in to my daily schedule...

Being at the gym three times this week has made me realise I need to up my training a bit to reach my goal, increase either the weights or up the sets from 3 to 4. But I do feel stronger, and I have gained some muscle mass all over my body. Though I still feel I need more strength and stamina. But am well on my way :)

Picures by: Sofia Danielsson