söndag 16 september 2012

Walking recovery

So this weekend I have tried to relax as much as possible, but also taking two longer walks with the dog. Yesterday was kind of windy, so we were only out for about 25-30 minutes, which is a regular weekend walk for us. I felt a bit tired afterwards, but nothing serious. Had no fever the whole day and just a tiny bit of what I call pressure headache, and eyes were stinging a bit.

Today I've felt much better, more energetic, eyes hardly stinging. And I have actually cleaned up a bit in the kitchen!

This afternoon me and my dog had a 50 minute walk. Google Map said it would take 40 minutes, but I had to lower my pace right from the start as I could feel I couldn't walk as fast as I usually do. After about 2/3 of the walk I started getting that headache again. So when I got home I just put on a good film and rested on the sofa.

It seems like recovering will take a while, so I will have to see the coming week as a recovery week. Am not sure I will have the energy to train on Tuesday, but am going to the dojo non the less just to do something!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson

fredag 14 september 2012

Stubborn virus!

That cold I wrote about on Facebook didn't turn out to be a tiny cold, but a stubborn virus that seems to still roam my body. I've been ill for almost two weeks now, but it seems like my body is finally winning the battle.

Worst part has been the up and down fever and the coming and going type of headache. Other than that I have slept for 9-10 hours almost every night without feeling that rested when I've woken up with stinging red eyes.

So I went to see the doctor on Monday, and he gave me sick leave from work Monday and Tuesday, thinking that would be enough rest for me to get well. I don't think it was, but have been able to be at work (though have not been that productive).

Due to this I haven't been able to train since Saturday two weeks ago. My wishful thinking was that I could do some light strength training this weekend again, but I do not feel well enough to do so.

If the weather permits I'll have myself a couple of longer walks, perhaps climb the close by hill if I feel up for it. I do believe my dog is looking forward to do some serious walking, as she has been a bit neglected due to my low energy.

But the rest of the weekend is going to be about resting the body and letting it recuperate. It's been a struggle to be at work these three days, and have not been able to do every thing I had to do. I stuck mostly to doing paper work, avoiding lifting things.

Not only has my energy been low during this period, I'm starting to feel unmotivated to do anything! The flat is a mess, clean laundry is still hanging on the clothes horse since Monday, pans are being washed only when I need to use them...

Hopefully I will feel 100% on Monday again, after two days of proper rest, and will be able to train on Tuesday!

söndag 2 september 2012

Learning the needs of my muscles

Little more than a week ago I had my last (yes I've said it before, but now I really mean it!) visit to the chiropractor. It was more of a check up to see that my strength is coming along and that my pelvic is moving as it should.

During the summer I have, as you know, not trained any karate but have stuck to strength training and stretching three times a week. During this time I have built up some of the strength I need, and have also learned to feel more what's happening with my body, what muscle is or isn't working as it should etc.

I'm not having daily problems any more, except for one last muscle (gluteaus medius, one of the smaller butt muscles) on the right side that still is a bit too active. So sometimes it likes to remind me that it's there and starts to either itch or sort of throb a bit (though without hindering my daily activities, or training). This, I was told, will go away when I've gained more strength and have learned more precise technique, specially when kicking yoko geri I have felt.

Otherwise I just need to keep on doing strength exercises, and stretching out particularly the right leg muscles. Both front, inside and back is a lot more tighter than the left. It's hindering me from doing correct techniques, so for now I just have to kick a bit lower on the right side to be able to do correct technique to work the right muscles.

It might sound like a lot to think of, but I just have to work it into my routines and be sure that I do some extra stretching after training in the dojo to help loosen the right side up a bit more.

Other than that, I feel great! And am able to participate more and more, taking fewer breaks. This month I will also try to train karate 3 times a week, and see what my body says about that!

Picture by: Sofia Danielsson